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Oh “The Donald”… e-i-e-i-oh-h, no!


Let me be among the first to go on record saying Donald Trump will not be “POTUS.”

Why? Simple. Donald Trump does not really want to be President.

The Donald is a media whore, plain and simple — and a very shrewd businessman.

Where else would someone who craves the media spotlight be able to one up his already ubiquitous presence to garner a lazer beam of free and focused attention other than by announcing a candidacy for the Presidency?

Let’s get serious. He has an end game but it is not the Presidency.  He is a plain talker without a filter, which while a breath of fresh air in its own right, will not serve him well in the sleazy world of high stakes parsed political doublespeak.

Would anyone with his resume, business acumen, traditional conservative republican leaning, and a modicum of common sense, come out of the gate as a “birther”, question the finding of the 911 Commission on Building 7, and torch our largest creditors and foreign trading partner in seemingly one nonsensical sentence all while barely taking a breath?

An unlikely stance for a buttoned down republican.

Whereas what he has been advocating in his blathering in the run up to a formal announcement may need to be said, even he is not without handlers. Therefore, one might surmise any serious candidate of his stature, claiming to seek the nomination from a mainstream party, would show a bit more restraint and diplomacy. Even for his maverick ego, this is controversial.  I contend this is intentional.

As I said, the Donald is a shrewd businessman. Like me or hate me — just don’t ignore me…

Like most gazillion-aires, Trump did not amass his impressive wealth by being stupid, running off at the mouth, or spending foolishly. He lives and breathes by his razor sharp financial calculations followed in order by his steely will and gut instincts. He has no intention of exposing himself to his detractors without a big payday. Even if he were to spend $50 million out of pocket on this faux-campaign, (which I will bet a “honeybee” he won’t) he will easily double the return in free publicity. My guess is he will milk the free pub and bow out gracefully saying he can effect more change behind the scenes unhampered by politics.

So what is the Donald’s true motive? What do you buy the billionaire that has everything? In short, real power.  A shot at affecting the course of world events.  The only thing left to accomplish in the rarified air of the uber-rich is being taken seriously as a consummate power broker, thus pacifying his enormous ego and building the Trump brand worldwide in the process.  A win-win-win for the Donald.

Anyone with a wit of awareness realizes the real power in the presidency is centered with the policy makers and the puppet masters behind the scenes. Trump’s ego demands he be at the center of attention and, whether he becomes electable or not, what greater circus ring is there than a Presidential election campaign to be taken seriously and consolidate one’s power base?  Look at Sara Palin.  And she’s not even a billionaire – yet. As obscenely rich as some perceive Trump to be, I don’t believe he is taken seriously among the elite uber-rich power brokers – yet.

I believe Mr. Trumps end game is to become a puppet-master ala the Soros’, Koch’s and Murdock’s of the world. His comparative paltry billions in a run at the presidency may buy him credibility and admission into that club. If the presidency is handed to him, fine. However, like his contemporaries who value their privacy, I really don’t believe he has the will or conviction to endure the bright light of intense media scrutiny.

Barring some unforeseen miracle of serendipity, Donald Trump has about as much chance of winning the GOP nomination for President as Donald Duck…

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