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Easy? No magic pills here…


By now you ought to know that our “easy” sedentary lifestyle and a high fructose laden, genetically modified diet of heavily processed foods is not so good for us. Duh. Guilty.   Due to heavy media play and the First Lady’s admonitions, you are also likely aware that our diet and the resulting massive obesity crisis  (no pun intended) is contributing to a surge in Type II diabetes and deaths from heart disease in America. These scourges are costing us taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars annually in increased medical and health care costs. 

So what should be done?

Experts agree a sensible diet of wholesome, natural foods and regular daily exercise is the ideal solution to today’s obesity epidemic. Seemingly, everybody knows this. So, if the need for workable solutions to this modern day plague is self evident, why such resistance?

Simple. Eating right and exercising is not easy these days.  And in society today, if it ain’t easy, it ain’t happening.

I’m 58. Busy with a day j.o.b., myriad interests and activities. I’ve been beaten up and broken down. Literallly, financially and emotionally. I got reasons and excuses too.  So, easy is a word I covet too but one I have not used freely in my life.  When I hear the word easy bandied about I am instantly skeptical  As the Staples office supply ad implies, if only life was as simple as an “easy” button…  

Easy in the right context can be a good thing.  However, easy credit got this nation into a whole lot of trouble financially, easy food choices are slowly killing us, and most easy diet and fitness choices and solutions are too costly or totally ineffective to be taken seriously.   “Eat whatever you want and still lose weight,” “take this pill and forget about exercise”, exercise only 5 minutes a day to lose weight and get fit!”    Our society is preoccupied with easy and its reflected in every walk of life. In this entitlement age, seems “easy” has gotten us into a whole lot of trouble these days. Sadly the greater the need, the larger the number of pretenders and imposters emerge to help us part with our money. 

Regardless, at my age why not take it easy? Who am I kidding? Why sacrifice for a fit and healthy lifestyle when there are so called “easy” alternatives to exercise? Why work hard when I don’t have too?  Simple.  The Good Lord willing, I hope to be around – and vital – long after my grand kids have babies. 

There is no magic pill.  But there are answers and solutions. And, in the interest of full disclosure,  I happen to believe many of those answers and solutions lie within the Team Beachbody fitness philosophy and opportunity.  Why? Because it works and hundreds of thousands of success stories are proof. 

In my case, if aches and pains that accompany aging are inevitable, and if I’m going to hurt to some degree anyway, I might as well “hurt good” through regular exercise.  Seriously, if you don’t use it you lose it. Pain reduction, enhanced feeling of well being – the benefits of dynamic stretching and exercise are numerous and well documented.  I’m living proof.

In essence, eliminating the stress, kinks, and toxic goo from everday life through regular exercise and cleaner eating requires some sacrifice and pain for a big gain.  Or, let’s just say some mild discomfort for marginal gain.  Regardless, if you are not getting at least 30 minute of physical activity 5 days per week you are cheating yourself out of an improved quality of life.  Even at it’s easiest, exercise is the common denominator for weight management, overall fitness and quality of life. Yet, it the process we strive to avoid minor effort in favor of quick fixes.

If only it were that – “easy.”

So, how can one be sure what truly works? Well, you have to be the judge of the claims. If information, success stories, and support is sparse; if it involves a “little magic pill”; if it just sounds too good to be true it may just be.  For the advocates with the “have it now” fitness mentality, as P.T. Barnum said “there is a sucker born every minute.”   You’ll get what you deserve because anything truly worth having involves a process and takes effort.   Positive lifestyle change and choice and require commitment.  

All that said, better lifestyle health and fitness can become easier with a comprehensive, well thought set of programs, support systems, and tools  in place to insure success and take  away the guess work.  The rest is up to you. 

So why Team Beachbody when there are many good products and effective solutions that are legal and can help jump start us onto the path to better health and fitness? Because it’s got something for everyone, and honestly, now I can get paid to help people I care about get healthy and fit.  Give and get back.  Very rewarding.

If your needs are more basic and you have not worked out in a while, no sweat  ;-) . You can work out at home or elsewhere; whenever and where ever it’s convenient. Free from the time constraints, intimidation and self consciousness associated with busy lives or busy gyms and their resident “gym rats”.   If you need nutritional advice, commiseration, motivational  support, don’t have a workout partner,  and/or can’t afford a trainer? Got you covered here too..  

I’m into being fit, but life gets in the way.  I also like helping people on their fitness journey, so Team Beachbody it’s an excellent fit for me.  And, being I’m an entrepreneur, I get what the TBB business opportunity is all about, so that works for me too. But the the focus is simply sharing health, nutrition and fitness programs, systems and tips.  If you are in the market for a healthier lifestyle, I can help. I would anyway but now I can get paid for getting fit and for sharing. 

Had I stumbled upon BB fitness programs earlier in my triathlon and endurance training adventure, it would have saved me lot of money, effort and  unnecessary experimentation.  Like I said, its not easy – but it’s comprehensive and it is easier.

As Carl Daikelar, Chairman and CEO states, “we are redefining the $60 Billion dollar business of fitness and weight loss industry.” Helping people regardless of their goals. What’s not to like?

Beachbody is not in the quick fix business and has embraced health and fitness as a lifestyle decision requiring a dedicated commitment. As their mantra says, if you “decide” – to “commit” and follow as plan as instructed you will “succeed” in achieving you health and fitness goals. . And if so inclined, with the business too.  Regardless of age, present lifestyle, income, or fitness level, Team Beachbody works.


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