Buddy can ‘ya spare a mil?…


I need a loan.  

Just a small one, say $1 or 2 million oughta do it. Oh, and a credit line of about the same amount. Trying to ramp up a business; crazy economy and all. Need to buy a new vehicle too, order some supplies and inventory. Travel some.  The usual. May even hire a couple people or so.  Maybe not. Got “expenses” ‘ya know… We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Collateral? What for? I’m good for it. Doing my part to get the economy humming, ya know. It’s tough out there so you’ll just have to work with me.

My plan? Payback? Hmmm. I’ll let you know when I get back from Europe. Going on a fact finding mission so I should know more when I return.

You sure ask a lot of questions.

Ok. Ok. I get it. Here’s what I’ll do.  I’ll “try” to service the debt, or at least some of it, over the next 10 years and we can figure something out on the principal later. You know I’m good for it!  My business is a can’t miss – eventually. We’ll even go public some day when the economy turns around.

Not good enough? Why not? Belt tightening? Huh? The baby needs new shoes! Relax, If I run into any trouble (of course no fault of my own!), we can just restructure the loan. I’ll simply borrow another couple million to tide me over. EZY-PZY! 

You know I’d rather owe ‘ya than cheat ‘ya out of it…