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who’s on first…


Last eve Bloomberg news spent the first 15 minutes of a special broadcast on the gazillion dollar Florida primary summarizing the ridiculous media spend and flame throwing between Mitt & Newt that, to them anyway, comprised the totality of the weeks campaign news events. The commentator, who quoted James Carville’s famous refrain from the 1992 election opined something to the effect of if it is still “the economy stupid”, can anyone without deep pockets get elected?

Well, I’ll answer that. No. But that’s not what matters. Because in this case, its the message, stupid…

My guess is Newt the Emperor, clown prince of all he surveys and a figment of his own grandiosity, will flame out in a month or so. No financial staying power; but along with his pithiness, still has enough where with all to keep all other would be contenders at bay.

Mitt the Vapid will fumble and stumble along with a wet finger in the air, diverting attention from what really matters, saying what he thinks everyone in the middle right wants to hear but really nothing at all. At least until the power elite either anoints him or decides to draft Jeb Bush or Chris Christie in the 11th hour. My bet is once “they” accept how hopelessly ambivalent and vanilla Mitt really is they’ll bail in a futile attempt to salvage anything rather than risk another McCain-like drubbing at the hands of the Obama re-election machine.

Together these dithering idiots will continue spending billions throwing daggers at each other and that is what will be reported. Can you say media stimulus? Legitimate candidates with legitimate concerns will continue to be ignored by the mainstream. Meanwhile, back in DC the President collects another $500 million to add to his election war chest and idly bides his time waiting to see which village idiot survives the financial war of attrition while the economy and our country teeters on the precipice of ruin…

As long as the morons in the fourth estate value ratings over truth they won’t do their job. Because they lack objectivity and won’t honestly consider alternative points of view other than the predictable left/right paradigm until forced, a serious discourse leading to meaningful change will not occur. So long as these “journalists” focus their energies obfuscating real issues with what they perceive is relevant for the dumbed downed masses, our troubles will worsen. Until enough people call attention to important, underlying issues and threats infecting and affecting America, such as “the stupid economy”, that “boring debt and deficit thing” will not be addressed. Corporatism and class warfare will define and divide this nation while the clueless will go on believing that the economy will heal itself.

We the “sheeple” still don’t see any correlation between the Patriot Act, NDAA and SOPA and many executive orders that can at their least increase censorship and limit our freedoms and at their worse threaten our rights and restrict of our liberties as provided in the first and fourth amendments. Why? Because we are too lazy to connect the dots or do and serious heavy lifting with regards to informing ourselves. We are too easily distracted and entertained by the despicable sideshow that is another presidential election brought to us by an equally despicable media.

For those of us thirsty for information, thank goodness “fer the internet’s!” For now at least…. Baaah…

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