Good strategy drives effective design. However both are only as good as their collective and synergistic power to attract profitable business. As they say in the tool business you’re not selling a drill, you’re selling the hole; the benefit the tool creates. So does your value proposition sell the drill or the hole? As engagement marketing specialists; our focus is on helping you  answer that question in order to attract, engage and retain more customers by flexibly integrating and leveraging all elements of digital marketing.  We help start up’s and mom and pop entrepreneurs with tight budgets  get noticed and  stand apart  in your market space.

Sure, we can help you design and build pretty logos, catchy banners and slick websites, but that’s really a secondary focus. Without a cost effective, targeted strategy with a concise value proposition and call to action, all you have left is a pretty website few prospects will likely visit much less. Our primary objective is to help you attract more prospects and convert them into clients or customers with affordable, well integrated digital marketing solutions that are built to grow as you do across multiple platforms.

You’re good at what you do. But if incorporating a digital marketing strategy is not your forte, or you are simply too busy running your small business to consistently tend to the evolving nuances of identifying effective  marketing solutions to your targeted segments or audiences, perhaps we can help.  Our philosophy at Eklktk Marketing & Design Group stresses a heavy emphasis on engagement marketing as communicated through your vision and executed via a strategic action plan.  If you’re not sure what your action plan is then that’s where we’ll begin. Before doing any creative work we may turn the world as you know it upside down as we challenge every notion you may have about your industry, your target audience, and how your business is positioned to penetrate key markets for growth. The new economy is a fluid business environment. We’ll get you to dig deeper to refine and communicate your unique value proposition so you can attract and convert more prospects into customers.

In short, we’ll conjure up “big head ideas” that work. We are good at what we do. We know enough to be dangerous and we know enough to know what we don’t know.  And when the latter rarely occurs, we go for help…

Either way you’ll benefit.









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